with a keen eye for details;
only one truth prevails;
Did these guys animate the same show or have some partaking

nope, DC is TMS

SZS is shaft

but DC’s extremely popular so a lot of shows reference/parody it from time to time

Look who moved out of his own show again

and this time he brought Ran with him

- Liking ships is okay.

- Not liking ships is okay too!

- Bashing on ships or hating on people for liking ships you don’t is NOT OKAY.

익명 회원 whispered:
ur cool

no ur cool, anon


Imagine your icon learning about the power of friendship through watching Zatch Bell.

Today’s prompt was ‘tears’.

I’m watching Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

I wonder who that silhouette on the left could be

I have the urge to draw something Gash Bell related now hmmm

but first i have to get some things for the askblog done; it’s been too long

heat wave


[[ I made these about a week ago before my tablet died. I got asked to upload them, soooo…  ; u ; ]]