with a keen eye for details;
only one truth prevails;

will i ever get tired of drawing kiyoteru?

the answer is no

(speedpaint video : x)

Mirror twinsss

There’s a comic thing I drew along with this here but it’s cheesy don’t look ;;

happy birthday, kiyomaro —

i knew tumblr wasn’t going to like it being horizontal

What was originally supposed to be a quick warm-up doodle turned into.. uh, this

(I think you can click for full res. Otherwise, it’s also been uploaded to my deviantart!)

I’ve been looking for your tumblr for ages, I saw a piece of art you did once of Detective Conan and I’ve been in love since! Just wanted to let you knpw I love your work!

Thank you very much! Admittedly I’m kinda slow when it comes to keeping my own blog(s) active, but every now and then I’ll try to post something new! :’D

(I could open requests again for motivation, but… I got kinda swamped with those last time. Maybe someday soon, though.. |D )

Is it to late to send in a pikmin character you can do Alph if you feel like it.

i haven’t drawn anything pikmin related in a while! :’D

To the anon who sent me an ask about coloring, I’d love to do one! Though it’ll take some time since I’ve never made one before and I don’t want it to be too disorganized and messy.

Just putting a text post out here to let you know that I’ve seen it C: (and i’ll actually answer the ask itself when i post it)

robosexualscum whispered:
Your blog is rad and I think you are rad~

Thank you very much! C:

Back in March I drew this thing and for the past couple of months I wanted to do a redraw of it

i wasn’t initially planning on making it a .gif but then the idea popped into my head and wouldn’t go away ;;

Did these guys animate the same show or have some partaking

nope, DC is TMS

SZS is shaft

but DC’s extremely popular so a lot of shows reference/parody it from time to time